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settlement agent perth - Life settlements also called life insurance settlements, senior settlements, or senior life settlements have become an important tool for insurance agents, financial planners, estate planners, elder law attorneys, and other financial related professionals.

Your life settlement is a financial transaction where a senior citizen policy owner of an unneeded, underperforming, or unwanted life insurance policy sells the policy to a third party, as opposed to surrendering or lapsing it back to the life insurance company. The senior policy seller receives immediate cash for your policy from the purchaser.

settlements perth - Agents and financial planners start to market life settlements with their current client base and also to potential clients. The most current effective types of marketing life settlements are one-on-one presentations, seminars, and client newsletters. There has been success with direct mailing the client base or demographic base fitting the life settlement parameters.

A life settlement broker will help life settlement agents with marketing material, educational material, and evaluation material. Having the correct knowledge about living settlement product and material is important for any financial planner or agent ending up in a client or potential client. Each life settlement case is checked out differently, the biggest factors would be the age of the insured, health of insured, policy size, premium amount, and current cash value (if any). Most life settlement brokers can offer simple qualification or evaluation forms that may quickly determine if a settlement would be available for that specific individual.

settlement agency perth - Life settlements remain a new concept for most agents and financial professionals. Many still do not understand the concept or possess the right education about life settlements. It is important for these professionals to accept time to learn about life settlements in order that in return they can relay these details to their clients. Many policy owners don't realize that there could be a cash settlement available for a life insurance policy they are going to surrender or lapse. Insurance agents and financial professionals have to take the correct marketing and education steps to succeed in those clients short of funds. A life settlement can make added financial benefits for both the client and the financial professional.

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