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You as an artist have multiple avenues to go when you're looking to purchase beats. It is possible to go on Soundclick. com and look at the chart's Top 10. You can search on Google and see what arises. It is possible to go to Rocbattle. com and check out the top producers and then determine some battles. You can even go to MyFlashStore. com to look for beats. But there's something you will soon learn about all these different sites. Either they can be priced really cheap or they're just up for free download ready to use with one simple tag before you start.

Exactly why purchase or lease instrumentals when you can finally just get them for free?

That's a perfectly legitimate question to ask yourself as a rapper or singer. Besides most of these producers are doing this also beat whether it's some sort of knock-off Lex Luger dirty south joint or knock-off Drake category beat. Add that with the products their production and your question becomes why get these? To begin with let me explain that you're not looking in the proper places for the gems. If you want dope quality and originality you've got to dig a bit of deeper. If you're aiming to establish that all important artist and producer relationship you're going to have to look even harder with the.

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