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If you're wondering if it's good to Should I Text Him, I assume he's got your number aswell. If you text him first how do you want to know if he is really enthusiastic about you or if he really likes you or maybe not? You may not. You may think you can measure if he likes you or not by his response, but that isn't reliable at all. Guys will text with you and banter with you just to keep you on the straight back burner. It does not mean they like you or are in to you. Some guys are simply polite and so are going to answer you back.

Think back to how it feels each time a guy calls or texts or asks you out first. A guy you want at that. You receive elated, you get excited and your adrenaline starts flowing. You call up your girlfriends and let them know. If you text him first, you deprive yourself of all of these good feelings. Can you call up your girlfriends all excited as you texted him first? I doubt it. The elation just isn't there. It's you attempting to control the end result of the situation. Not very attractive either to the guys incidentally.

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