Benefits of Strength Training for Women: What You Need to Know

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When you think strength training for women, do not think you will bulk up like a male weight lifter. It would take extraordinary efforts and medical intervention for a woman to bulk up like that.

Rather, strength training (ST) slims down women. When you carry out an ST drill 3 times a week, you can easily lose four or more pounds in a year without cutting a calorie. Is that all? Well, no. Lean muscles weigh more than fat, so you will have lost much more fat than the scale alone will reveal. Your clothing size will go down.

Better news-- ST produces a lasting influence on your metabolism and calorie consumption. ST pumps up your metabolic rate for the rest of the day-- more than aerobic exercise will. ST can burn up roughly 100 calories a day or 350,000 calories in a year (10 + pounds), with no additional effort. In addition, when you replace 10 pounds of body fat with 10 pounds of lean muscular tissue, you will use up 7 to 10 times as many calories per pound. Lean muscle requires 35-50 calories per hour while fat requires only five. ST eliminates fat and makes it painless for you to keep it off.

A special benefit for females is that ST fights osteoporosis. ST strengthens muscles, ligaments, and tendons as well as bones. All of them reduce the dangers connected with bone loss. Should you tumble-- and the balance gotten by ST will reduce that likelihood-- your more powerful body parts will help protect against the often disabling effects of such a fall.

OK-- ST can be accomplished in several ways. What way is best? Novices may wish to use just their body for the weight they lift, but not too far into your project, you require more. The most standard equipment has been dumbbells and barbells, but resistance bands/tubes and workout machines, too, can be put to use.

Dumbbells and barbells come in increasing weights that keep your program on track. You have to change what you are doing every 3 weeks to avoid "accommodation" to the routine, when your body quits using as much energy to do the same work. If you go to the work out center, will be able to select among a large set of both hand-held dumbbells and the larger barbells. If you are exercising at your home or at your workplace, you need something less bulky. The Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells are a great choice for women wanting to exercise at home. A twist of a knob is all that's needed to adjust the weight from 5 through 52 pounds, all most people will ever need. They take barely more room than a single pair of regular dumbbells.

Elastic bands or tubes, as well, are good equipment for small places. The lighter the color, the less the resistance, the darker, the greater. You'll want a rainbow of bands in time. The alternation of dumbbells, bands/tubes, and your own body can provide excellent strength training for any woman for years.

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