Causes Of Restless Leg Syndrome

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Just before we continue about causes of Restless Leg Syndrome, the signs and symptoms and feasible cures or illness management, I feel it is important that we dispel some Myths about Restless Leg Syndrome Very first:

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) affects a fair percentage of the world’s population, and however is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all. As with all issues that are misunderstood, “old wives tales” soon crop read up. Right here are just a few that we would like to address instantly:


Adults Only – RLS does not discriminate amongst children and adults. In Majority cases where RLS is found in children it has been noted that the young causes of restless leg syndrome children have had an iron deficiency, normally brought on by lactic acid discovered in their milk. The lactic acid interferes with the body’s potential to absorb iron.


Pharmaceutical Giants Conspiracy – Ask any individual suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome no matter whether or not it’s a conspiracy The large drug firms have in truth highlighted the syndrome and created awareness. They do make their money even though, they are not a charity.

RLS MYTH three

Signs and symptoms are “capped” – It has been shown that as the age of the patient increases, the symptoms of RLS grow to be progressively worse. The earlier a single can begin managing this disease the much better.


If your parents have it, you will have it – Genetics naturally play a large function in the development of illnesses. Specialists and researches of Restless Leg Syndrome have not been able to conclusively decide that it is hereditary.

The bottom line is that info is power. Do not take probabilities with your health. If you are not comfy or you display some of the signs and symptoms of RLS, go to your Medical doctor. Get a proper check up and take their assistance.

If needed, get a second opinion. You are entitled to that, it is your physique and you only have 1.

It often fascinates me that when people are carrying out renovations to their property, they will get quotes from at least 3 different contractors, but when restless leg syndrome it comes to their own body, the 1st doctor they see is often very good sufficient!

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